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Happy Easter from Trinity Church!


I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner here during a recent trip to Rancho Leonero Family and Fishing Resort.


Congratulations to Nate and Courtney!

DSC_5952 2

The online gallery for 7 Fairchild Lane is up here.


So, I am in the middle of processing about 100 photos from today’s 10,000 square foot estate shoot. Here’s one of the master bath (there’s actually another master bath too, if that is possible).


I was driving down the road yesterday and pulled over for a firetruck, looked up and saw black smoke ahead. I then looked over to see if I had my camera with me, I did, then I said out loud “Oh yeaa.” I rushed ahead, pulled over and was able to make this shot. Thankfully the man driving the car was out on the sidewalk safe.


Thanks for stopping by.I just got back from my third mission trip to Kingston, Jamaica with Trinity Church Greenwich, Connecticut

Check out Project: Waterhouse to see the photos.



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